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Our pricing model is economical, transparent, and customizable.

We share our prices publicly because we value equity in transparency and we are confident in Charter Oak's return on your investment. We offer four simple tiers, each with a three-phased cost structure. 


Individual Sourcing Campaigns: Our hiring partners pay a small Listing Fee when launching a search, a reasonable Sourcing Fee upon delivery of a pool of interested and qualified candidates, and a Placement Fee only if one of the Charter Oak candidates is hired.

TIER 1: Part-Time Municipal Positions and Municipal Internships

$300 Listing* + $1,500 Sourcing + $1,500 Placement

TIER 2: Full-time Municipal positions not requiring a bachelor's degree

$300 Listing* + $3,750 Sourcing + $3,750 Placement

TIER 3: Full-time Municipal positions requiring a bachelor's degree

$300 Listing* + $4,500 Sourcing + $4,500 Placement

TIER 4: Full-time Municipal positions requiring a master's or terminal degree

$300 Listing* + $6,000 Sourcing + $6,000 Placement

Monthly Sourcing Campaigns: Charter Oak can also engage in Sourcing Campaigns against all of your vacancies within the same workgroup, on a monthly basis, for $7,500 per month (two month minimum). 

End-to-End Recruitment: Cost is 20% of the salary midpoint, payable in thirds (same Listing, Sourcing and Placement payment timetable as above). 

Retention Quality Assurance: For End-to-End, complimentary search re-engagement in the event the successful candidate leaves their position before 90 days post-start date. For sourcing campaigns, optional add-on to the listing fee: $825 for Tier 1; $1,950 for Tier 2; $2,325 for Tier 3; $3,075 for Tier 4. 


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